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Laura Hale is a photographer based in the Old North End of Burlington, Vermont who specializes in macro photography of the natural world.  Laura's deep and unending love affair with nature began at a very early age while growing up on the coast of Massachusetts and their mother can attest to having to toss Laura's clothes after every summer spent studying every insect, plant, amphibian, and reptile around.  Laura's maternal grandfather helped nurture their passion and was always happy to grab a guidebook and figure out what interesting things they had found while walking around his house on Cape Cod.

Laura got their hands on a point and shoot camera at 10 years old and was hooked.  As a teen Laura saved up and purchased a manual film camera - an Olympus OM-1 - and set about learning the science behind photography to help further their art.  These days Laura shoots digital, but their heart will always be with that OM-1. 

It's rare to find Laura without a camera in hand, or at least nearby, and they spend most of their days tripping other people up when they stop every few feet to look at something tiny that no one else seemed to notice.  Few things delight them more than sitting near a patch of weeds in the backyard and documenting the lives of the bugs who live there, and sharing their adventures through photography.  Laura's hope is that people who see their photos will be inspired to stop and look at the world around them and take in how amazing it is.

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